A daily vitamin regimen,NuVet Plus, must be followed for the 2 year guarantee. The french bulldog puppies are guaranteed against any life threatening hereditary problem for the period of 2 years and my guidelines must be followed in order for the puppies guarantee to be valid. If you choose to not follow the health guidelines above then the ‘kennel’ guarantee is void. This is to insure that the very best of nutrition and care is going to be continued for the puppies life and its a very important part of the care of having a canine family member. Yes, NuVet Plus is THAT good! The babies need this vitamin supplement to insure they are getting a great start on life as they grow and mature.

Note that I am notified monthly of which dogs are on this regimen from the company and your monthly records are filed. If a month is missed then I can only assume that you are no longer giving the daily vitamin and the guarantee is voided immediately. Here is the info for the NuVet Vitamin ordering:

NuVet Vitamins – You may order directly from the manufacturer by calling 800-474-7044 and using Order Code: 60221, or by ordering online at www.nuvet.com/60221 . There is a link at the bottom of this page to click and order.

The new puppy/adult must visit your vet within 48 hours of you receiving it for its wellness vet check in its new family or the guarantee is void.

In the unlikely event that there is an issue in the 48 hr vet check, I will require all veterinary records sent by your vet to both me and my veterinarian and the puppy/adult must be returned, at buyer’s expense, before anything further can take place. I will need the puppy back to have it examined fully to see what the problem is. If this is hereditary, I will need to know this so as not to breed the mated pair again.

If, in the unlikely event of death, the puppy will need to be returned, at buyer’s expense, for an autopsy which will be done at my expense or the guarantee is void and no puppy replacement will be offered. If found that the puppy had a problem that was a hereditary non-treatable issue or that it was not due to lack of veterinary care or neglect, then the pup will be replaced. If there are no puppies at that time then the pup will be replaced with the next litter with same color and gender of puppy adopted. No money will be refunded. If you choose a different color and gender additional prices may apply. All medical care must be current and up to date such as shots, de-worming and routine and annual check ups. These MUST be current . All vet records are needed if the pup is returned.

All puppies have had the very best of care and are vet checked prior to meeting you! If you neglect any of the needed shots and de-worming schedule or daily vitamin then the guarantee is void.

We do not replace puppies if they were dropped or neglected resulting in death. Poisoned or any other type of inhumane neglect. Again, all routine visits to the vet are required or guarantee is void..

FLEA TIP: In an old shampoo bottle mix Dawn dishwashing liquid and a few tablespoons of white vinegar and mix.. apply to dogs wet coat and lather.. fleas will die! Also Apple Cider Vinegar is great for stopping itching as this is always handy in my household for we humans too! ACV is great for so many things.. google it!

TREAT TIP:  NEVER give your frenchie these foods. It is NOT good for them and can easily result in a costly vet visit and that’s IF you’re lucky. Fatty table food can cause an excruciating pancreatic attack that could easily be deadly. Their bodies don’t process foods like ours do. Bulldogs like everything.. be a good parent and say NO to them or please leave my website….

All Fatty meats and Fat

Chocolate OR any sugary candy
Caffeinated beverages or Alcohol
Macadamia nut
Nuts (most all nuts)
Cooked bones (chicken, turkey, pork, beef)
Pizza Crust

Alcohol, Marijuana

The best tip is to never feed them ANY table food. They have their food and we have ours.

My frenchie found a piece of pizza crust that the cat had stolen and then lost. I saw her eating it and before I could get to her she started flopping on her side and choking. She was in such distress that she urinated and defecated while she was seizing. I was able to get the crust out and she is fine now. The Yeast Dough can be dangerous as it will expand and result in gas, pain and possible rupture of the stomach or intestines.

Do your homework. Certain house plants are a NO-NO. I can’t stress enough, do your homework. Christmas plants are TOXIC as well as all fertilizers!

The pups are allowed to leave my home no sooner than 8-12 weeks of age. I want to make sure they are healthy and have had no less than 2-3 shots and have completed their deworming schedule for their age. Sometimes it may be longer but that’s up to me in how I feel if they are ready or not to meet the ‘big world’! Not to worry though.. the wait will always be worth it.

When placing a deposit be certain that you are ready for a puppy as deposits are non-refundable. By placing a deposit you are agreeing that you are ready for a puppy and that you agree to these terms.
Puppies are sold with AKC and/or CKC Limited registration as pet/companions unless agreed upon by the breeder. We don’t want ‘back yard’ breeder’s trying to breed this breed for ‘income’ and not quality. Leave the hard work and experience to us. We breed our Frenchies for very selective reasons, as they should be. Quality and health first.

SHIPPING OPTIONS: I have a personal air Nanny that delivers the puppy to you, hand to hand from airport to airport or even door to door if you prefer. Your precious cargo will ride under their seat or in their lap the entire way, never being out of their site.*** Ground Shipping is also available through ‘White Glove Pet Services’ if you prefer. https://www.whiteglovepetservices.com/  This is the ONLY shipping service that I trust. I’ve been using their services for over a decade and is highly recommended.  

If, in the event, that you can’t keep your baby my home is always their home. Due to divorce, re-location or what ever. The pup can always come back home IF space is available. I get first pick though or the guarantee is void. It will need the proper vet records showing it is totally healthy before re-entering my grounds so as not to bring illness into my kennel harming my babies. If I can’t take the pup back I will help to relocate him. They can NOT, under any circumstances, go to pet stores, research labs or pounds or I have the right to sue.

Here’s a tip! When buying a quality Frenchie ALWAYS ask for references and CHECK them! If given ONLY free email sites then think of this.. you could be emailing the same person all these times! Make sure they are the real thing!

Our parent French bulldogs are all double registered in CKC and AKC.

NEVER buy imported puppies from ‘unknown breeders’! You WILL get what you pay for!! This again, could be a cross breeding or a brother/sister or father/daughter breeding. All imports are not bad IF the breeder is a reputable breeder that cares for the breed. Broker/Imports are usually too tall, too long, not as muscular and come to you with love… and health issues! They have no idea what they are from, it’s just the money to them.You will be sorry and wished that you had bought quality in the long run for you will have over the amount of money in your pup when it is all said and done! (Vet care isn’t cheap!) Also, how can they guarantee the pup when it is bought from another country? What if the ‘breeder’ in Russia for example, or where ever, decides not to sell to that broker anymore and you have a problem. What do you do then? You’re screwed!

Nuvet Vitamins
NuVet Vitamins You may order directly from the manufacturer by calling 800-474-7044 and using Order Code: 60221, or ordering online at www.nuvet.com/60221

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