🌶 Pepper’s French Bulldog Puppies of Kentucky  


  Welcome to Pepper’s Big  Bullies where we’ve been raising quality French Bulldogs in Eastern Kentucky for … close enough to 30 years to call it. Our main goal is to fill your home with the perfect french bulldog that fits into your families lifestyle.


Please feel free to call: ☎️ 606-523-0533 with any questions. Do NOT text me if you are  not a parent-to-be as that is a convenience for the parents. If you text me I will not reply so be courteous and call or email so that I can answer your questions in detail and we can get acquainted. Call me old fashion.


We are a small kennel and we prefer it that way. We want time to pay attention to all of the details without excuses. We are selective on why we breed our pair and what we are hoping to achieve with the litters. If an adult doesn’t pass all of the desired criteria’s then they are not considered to be in the breeding program.  Yes, we are picky and want only the best outcome to enhance the breed in both health and appearance.

We are more interested in quality and not quantity. 


“If it’s not a French Bulldog … then it’s just a dog! 


I’m on the fence about parting with this little gal. Her name is Delta. She’s an Aug. 16th baby 🍼