Pepper’s Big Bullies specialize in raising quality healthy french bulldog puppies for sale in Kentucky for close to 30 years. We are located in Eastern Kentucky and all of our bulldog parents are double registered in both AKC and/or CKC registration. Breeder’s normally want AKC registration and pet owners with limited (spay/neuter registration) don’t care and will get CKC registration.  We are located close to neighboring states such as Tennessee, Ohio, Alabama,North and South Carolina,Virginia, Indiana, Pennsylvania, just a short drive away. French bulldogs puppies are available to meet their new families when they reach 8 weeks or older. Shipping is available through my personal pet fight nanny all over the world! No, my babies never travel alone or out of sight!! Safety first!

In the past years many of our frenchies have gone on to television in commercials, movies, magazine covers and TV series. Places such as Nickelodeon, The Today Show, Samsung and Puma and more. Several ‘well known people’ have purchased a few of my puppies through the years. We do have bragging rights here at Pepper’s Big Bullies.

Kaylee, the ape, was just stopping by to pick out her personal Frenchie!

 Our home is located in one of the most scenic and natural places in Kentucky. Here we have the only waterfalls with a ‘Moonbow’ in the world. (There once was one in S. Africa but I understand that it is no longer due to an earthquake.) Cumberland Falls stretches 125 ft. across with a plunging 60 foot drop into huge boulders and a massive pressure hole! On a clear full moon night you can see a rainbow stetching across the falls… an outstanding sight to be remembered if you see it for yourself. There are hiking trails that go for miles so bring your camera. It’s gorgeous out there.

We are an animal loving family that takes great pride in raising quality French Bulldogs. Countless years of experience and ton’s of love makes us who we are today. Both myself and my children are helper’s in giving endless time and care to the parent’s and the puppies. (Although my daughter is currently retired due to the fact that ‘she is no longer a teenager’!) It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it!!! (I’m the one for the job it seems!) Tender loving care are given to the fullest for my kids! We’d have it no other way!

If you decide to adopt one of my french bulldog puppies know that our relationship only starts there. I’m here for you for as long as you own my babies. 

French Bulldogs are very affectionate and wonderful mother’s. Constant kisses and cleaning and they worry when they’re away from their babies, while tending to their business outside. Frenchies are just as affectionate to we humans as they are to their puppies. I’ve always said that French Bulldogs are like Doritos, you can’t just stop at one. You’ve been warned! HAHA!!