We are located in South Eastern Kentucky. We've been owned by the bulldog for over 25 yrs. We specialize in raising healthy quality frenchies for families that want to add a comical  member to their families. All of our parents are double registered in both AKC and CKC registration. The puppies will be registered in one or both, depending on the purpose of the babies sold for future show dogs,  future breeder or as pet/companion only. Pet/Companion must be spayed/neutered, no working on the job :)

Delivery is available if driving is not an option. Photo's and video's are always available for my parents-to-be via text or email so that you can see the growth stages that I see.  I feel that's important for you to fall in love at the beginning!

We offer our frenchies to qualified families and we offer ton's of references. Always ask for them and always check them all!


Jet Black babies have arrived!

Welcome to 'Pepper's Big Bullies'

Welcome to 'Pepper's Big Bullies'

Feel free to browse around and read all about 'us' and become more familiar with our passion... the French Bulldog. Our photo's of our frenchies are always current so no guessing on that. We offer ton's of references to our serious future parents to be, not just a few.

We've been owned by the bulldog for 25+ yrs, the bullies won't let us leave!!

All of our parents are double registered in both AKC and CKC. Registration paper's will be mailed out according to the type of registration needed for individual puppies needs. Full registration, with breeding rights, will be both CKC and AKC. Registration of puppies being 'pet only - limited' will receive CKC papers after the spay/ neuter is performed between 6-8 months of age.

We are close driving distance from Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, South Carolina, North Carolina, Mississippi, Illinois, Virginia, West Virginia, Alabama, Georgia and more as we are in South Eastern Kentucky.

Ground delivery is available as well as air shipping if needed via Flight Nannie..... Yes, they have a Nannie when they need to pack their bags and fly that travels with them (never out of their sight)

Please feel free to call : 606-523-0533
I only accept text from my puppy parents so don't expect a reply if I don't know you. Be polite and call.

Our Frenchies are 'cinder blocks' with ear's!

All parents are here on the premises. All parents are double registered in both AKC /CKC. We raise all of our babies under foot, mine! All inside and not in a breeding building but in our home where we can give them the constant love and attention that they require... and demand.

Our babies are all sold with limited registration, no breeding rights, with a spay/neuter contract. If you want breeding rights then please visit elsewhere. I want all of my babies to be a part of the family (one of the kids)!

We specialize in quality bulldogs and we have been owned by them for over 25 years and we have years and years of references upon request. Many of my babies have gone on to TV and magazine cover's! (Yes, we do have bragging rights over here!)

Always feel free to call with any questions but DO NOT TEXT me! If I don't answer chances are great that a frenchie needs me. Call back or leave a message.. email is also great.

We still have a few left and shipping is available if needed by air with our personal Flight Nannie!!

"Avail-A-Bull" Puppies

Pure Jet Black Babies have arrived!

DOB: 10/2/17 I've decided to let Opie, my brindle male, go to a permanent home. In looking at my kids I don't need another male in my breeding program at this time as I have his brother and father and it's just not fair to deprive a family of such a wonderful young man!        $3000                   I prefer him to go to a pet home and remain a member of the family.

Taking deposits now!


DOB: 4/29/18     Taking Deposits now

1 Black male (sold) 

3 black females 

1 black pied male available 




Thanks for stopping by.. we LOVE company!







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